A Battle Of Blood

A Battle Of Blood - The Video Diaries Of Skye Alcotte


I'm Skye Alcotte, I'm 14 years old and I was born in... 1893. Yep. You heard me right. Technically, I'm 119 years old... But I don't look it. I suppose I could class as a typical teenager - with a bit of a twist.

 You see, I'm not human. I was, until 1907, when I met Ace and he changed by life, in every possible way. He turned my blood to ice, my eyes to blue. He made me lose the will - or capability - to sleep. Instead, I relive the past.

 It's all rather good, apart from one complication. The Crimson Bloods - our polar opposites. And they're after my best friend. Who just happens to be human...

 I have a feeling something major is about to happen, so I'm recording a series of video blogs so no-one ever forgets.

Thanks for listening,

Skye x 



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